What the *heck* is a GPS tour anyway?!

Are you visiting British Columbia wine country this summer and want to plan your trip?  There are many excellent tour companies throughout the province who will be happy to host you on a guided tour…

But, if you’re more of a DIY person, and want to carve your own timeline, I suggest you try a GPS Wine Tourbut what the *heck* is a GPS wine tour, anyway?

You might ask, “How does tracking my whereabouts on my smartphone ensure I’ll find the best wines to buy while traveling British Columbia?”

Or, “Where are the best wineries around me making (#rose, #cabernetsauvignon, #pinot…)?”

Disclaimer: I’ve tried a LOT OF WINE.  In the last 2 vintages I’ve had probably close to 800 tastings and visited near 150 wineries in BC.  Its my passion and also a calling… But I don’t drink every day – and I always spit when I’m touring (this extends the number of tasting rooms I can visit on my travels).  In fact, I’ve equipped my car with a breathalyzer similar to the one shown below – so I can play it safe and enjoy the diversity and flavour BC Wine has to offer:

GPS is really cool.  Its an electronic frequency your smartphone can pick up on that allows you to map out your exact location. How does this apply to wine touring?  Let’s say you love #SauvignonBlanc – using the map I’ve made, I can source tasting rooms pouring the wine near me within a driveable radius, then get detailed step-by-step directions that take me right there. This worked incredibly well, and I wanted to share it with others.

After mapping close to 275 wineries (yes – I’ve visited most of them), I started making themed tour plans that offer targeted tasting adventures. People often ask me when we first meet, “Who are your favourite producers?  Who makes the best wine?  Which BC wineries should I visit?”

Well, I was hoping you’d ask. Seems to me people like certain wine styles – either on the sweet side, fresh & fruity…or on the savoury side, bull bodied and tannic or dry in style.

GPS Tour plans are mapped wine tasting adventures

You get all the benefit of an expert BC wine guide, showing you which stops to make and what wines to try along your journey without the limitation or cost of having to fit your trip on someone else’s timeline.  GPS Tour Plans don’t need any special software, and run beautifully and right from the road anywhere in BC you get cell signal.

Heres a demo how the tours work:

Use your phone to tell you which producers are nearby

Don’t visit a winery uninformed, or be surprised! Read a few customer reviews before you turn the wheel down their drive…I’ve done my best to include pricing info so you’ll know if you need a second mortgage to buy a case, or if the wine costs less than some others and you can still go out for dinner!

Sip, spit & enjoy! Plan ahead and organize a sober designated driver and 4-5 hours so you can really enjoy your time in BC Wine country!

Safe travels!

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Here’s some other gear that you might want to bring on your tour: