Case Study – Tasting Notes

The first goal when tasting a wine is to describe its flavours and aromas. When we communicate these characteristics to others they can anticipate what the wine will taste like and can make good pairing decisions.

Flavours in wine come from three sources:

1. Grape Variety / Soils: fruit, flower, vegetables, minerals

2. Winemaking Decisions: MLF, lees stirring, stainless steel / neutral oak / new oak, use of indigenous or cultivated yeasts, fermentation temperature, length of maceration (for rose / reds), micro-oxygenation…

3. Wine Age – bottle or barrel ageing influence

The second goal in tasting is to assess the structural merit of the wine – its balance, length, intensity of aromas, complexity, and whether or not the wine is expressive of typical varietal character. The wine’s structure indicates whether or not it is capable of ageing, and for how long.

A quality wine is harmonious. In tasting, we look at how the acids and alcohol interact with the flavours, how ripe the tannins are – and their nature: coarse vs. fine, stemmy vs. ripe, and how long the finish is –  whether simple or complex.

Not all wine is made equal.


To be fair, a systematic approach to tasting is used. All wines are tasted at room temperature and solo unless there are vertical vintages of the producer are available. We work with a Coravin device & preserve wines wherever possible.
(See *pdf point scale)

What are tasting notes and how can I get them for my wine?

Here’s how it works:
1. Request tasting notes – Submit a request form for each wine to be tasted here

2. Scheduling & Payment – My team will email shipping details or schedule your wine pickup (if applicable). You will also receive a service invoice.

3. Delivery of wine – Plan to submit (2) bottles for each wine to be tasted, please ship your wine(s) to our PO Box.

4. Bottle photos – We photograph the wine in our studio for a professional product image included with each tasting note

5. Tasting – Wine tasting is completed by Kate Elizabeth, who is experienced with the WSET systematic approach to tasting
wine. Tasting is done in a neutral environment, on a neutral palate early in the day, using the 100-point rating scale, at room temperature. Aromas and structure of the wine are assessed, including age-ability.

6. Marketing Materials – We merge the bottle photo & tasting notes together in a shelf-talker that can be used for marketing online or print. A link to this file, bottle photos & the rating sheet will be emailed to you upon service completion.



Standard Tasting – $200*
– Service includes product photo, shelf talker, 100-point assessment
– Typical turn-around : 1-2 weeks after receipt of wine


Wine pickup – $30* – We coordinate the physical pick up of your wines to be tasted. *Okanagan Valley and possibly elsewhere, please ask.

Rushed Service – In a rush? We can bump your wine to the top of the cue for $25* – note your hurry on the request form (rush turn-around is 2-5 days from receipt of wine)

A Special Mention – sometimes your marketing needs a little boost. We will post your shelf-talker on our Instagram with a wine review in the caption & use of your hashtags & @profile link – $10* / day

Click here to request tasting notes.